Medical Case Management

Medical Case Management

A Case Manager is an individual who provides ongoing, objective assessment of the injured or chronically ill patient, and who formulates a treatment plan to maximize the quality of care while minimizing the costs.

The Case Manager is an independent liaison who coordinates services and promotes communication to maximize recovery.

The overall case management goal is to facilitate optimal outcomes for all parties involved through advocacy, objectivity, and collaboration. The emphasis is on continuity of care, effective communication, and coordination of appropriate health care services.

Case Managers Provide

  • Coordination of quality, cost effective medical management, and emphasis on early return to work.
  • Identification of appropriate community resources and alternative treatment options to facilitate the recovery process.
  • Expedient case resolution at the most competitive cost as a result of our years of experience.
  • Improved communication between all parties involved which can reduce litigation and achieve optimal timely case resolution.
  • Coordination of interpreting services.
  • Commitment to excellence.
  • Community knowledge and ties.