Long-Term Disability

Long Term Disability

Care Management Consultants provides assistance with long-term disability claims by assessing their ability to be employed again once the disabled employee plateaus medically. At that time, a vocational expert conducts an initial vocational assessment and labor market survey to determine if there are any jobs in the employee’s community for which he is eligible, based on educational background, work history, transferable skills, salary, and work restrictions.

If it is determined there are no jobs for which the employee qualifies, the vocational eligibility report and supporting documentation can be utilized by the insurance carrier and/or employee to assist in applying for social security disability insurance benefits which should offset the long-term disability benefit.

Care Management Consultants also has vocational experts who can assist an employee in locating gainful employment for policies that offer vocational rehabilitation services.

Vocational Experts provide

  • Initial employee meeting and labor market survey to determine employability
  • Eligibility report

Vocational Rehabilitation Services include

  • Identification of appropriate job goal
  • Job seeking skills counseling
  • Job lead development
  • Resume writing
  • Job Interviewing Skills